How To Plan Your Group Fitness Sessions Quickly

(Without Using the same Workout Ideas Over and Over)

...and at the same time fill your classes with amazing clients without selling out. All in my free on-demand training video.

Being a personal trainer or group fitness instructor is one of the best careers for flexibility and fulfillment. We get to help people change their lives for the better.

Why are so many trainers struggling though? Most trainers are either overworking and burning themselves out to make ends meet or they’re struggling to see enough clients to earn a decent living.

The problem is that they don’t have good systems in place to manage their time, to improve their product (which is the workouts they run) and to keep fresh faces turning up at those workouts.

I’ve been teaching trainers how to create good systems for 13 years, and now I can teach you too.

What You'll Learn...

Proven Mindset Shift #1:
How to fill your sessions to the brim with awesome clients by teaming up with your competitors (yep!)

Have you ever thought that the more competitors you have, the harder it will be to find clients? It’s understandable, but here’s why that’s wrong: By working together you and your competitors can both win (and I’ll show you how).

Proven Mindset Shift #2:
Blow Big Fitness (like F45 & Orangetheory) out of the water with group fitness workouts your clients will beg you for

It can be intimidating to have a shiny fitness franchise near where you run your classes, in this part of the training I’ll teach you a powerful mindset shift to help you stand out and thrive no matter what is happening in your area.

Proven Mindset Shift #3:
Free up hours of your time each week without sacrificing the things that make working with you unique

Is the life of the trainer all about madly rushing from one client to the next and constantly organising things at the last minute? Not when you have good systems. Learn how to organise your time better, while still giving your clients something unique and personal.

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 Meet The Trainer's Trainer 

Hi, I'm Kyle wood

I’m an ex-bootcamp instructor, multi-business owner and the creator of Over the past 14 years I’ve started two bootcamp businesses and worked for multiple outdoor group fitness companies (from large multi-location organisations to small solo-trainer operations).

For over a decade I’ve also taught the millions of trainers who’ve visited how to uplevel their group fitness workouts and how to fill those sessions with awesome clients.

Now, I work on solving one of the main missing elements for small business fitness professionals: mentorship and peer guidance by leading an amazing group of trainers online.

If you’ve been wondering what it takes to succeed as a trainer, here’s the good news: It takes a real passion for what you do (which I know you already have) and also takes some proven systems to stay in the game and thrive long-term (which I can show you).


What a Few Of My Students Have to Say About My Trainings:

Before I joined the program my fitness business had become somewhat stagnant and I felt like I was underachieving in my personal life. I was happy in what I was doing but wanted to offer more to my clients and wasn’t sure how to start doing that. Enter Kyle Wood’s amazing and life changing Fellowship program.

With just a couple months under the guidance and inspiration of his program I went from making $0 from online group fitness to making over $500 per month. The program benefits extended well beyond my business success and into my personal life.

Part of Kyle’s program focuses on discovering who you are as a person so you can learn to work with your strengths and weaknesses. This led to incredible insight that benefited my personal life as well as my business. Now that I’ve completed the program I can truly say it’s paid for itself over and over again. My business is no longer stagnant but thriving, and underachieving is a thing of the past.

Deirdre  Business Owner & Personal Trainer

Returning to face to face training with my PT & Bootcamps I was a little stuck on my direction, I has started to write my 2022 Plan - but I wasn’t quite clear on my direction (PT/ Bootcamps/ Online Coaching) , or how to start making plans!

That day I had received an email from Kyle saying he was offering Mentoring sessions for those feeling ’stuck’ - perfect timing. I have worked with Kyle in the past and also a member to Bootcraft Ideas - I really love the way Kyle listens and then gives advice. He definitely knows the industry and what can help trainers. In the time he seet with me I am clearer on my vision - have some fantastic ideas for 2022 and also some great advice on my website.

Fiona Tanner  Business Owner & Personal Trainer

Dude, Just want to say a huge thanks. As a busy PT, Bootcamp owner, and parent your bootcraft has saved me so much time allowing me to concentrate on other things.

Andy Ciaravella  Gym Owner & Fitness Entrepreneur

What I thought was going to be a few helpful tips when signing up has been blown out of the water. I have never been as mindful and proactive as I have this month - in all aspects of my business from training to marketing, due to the 'call to actions' Kyle has encouraged us to complete daily.

Kyle has an exceptional understanding of the fitness industry, how to excel as an instructor and business owner and provides tangible explanations, advice and support. The addition of having a private Facebook forum to bounce ideas and support off other small business owners, is just the icing on the cake. It's been (and continues to be) one of the best investments I have made in enhancing my offering to new and existing clients, and carving out a strong presence for Momentum Bootcamps, that sets us apart from our competitors.

Vanessa Birch  Personal Trainer

Who Is This Training For?

#1 Trainers New to the Industry

This is for you if you’re pretty new to running group fitness classes or bootcamps. You’ve found the perfect place to get your toes wet and maybe even dive a little deeper.

#2 Experienced Trainers in a Rut

This is for you if you’ve been running group fitness classes for a while but are hitting a bit of a wall whether that’s creatively or with how full your classes are or both. If that’s you, stick around, because I’m here to tell you, it’s not your fault.

It can be super confusing navigating the fitness industry as a trainer and business owner these days.

You might have heard one person telling you that to be successful you need to go online or that you need to set up lot’s of complicated social media and marketing funnels to be successful.

But here’s the problem - that’s DEAD WRONG. And if you’ve been following that advice, no wonder you’ve struggled!

In this training we’re going to dig into why that is so wrong and what to do instead.

And maybe you’re also sitting there, worried about all of the shiny fitness franchises out there. The one’s with expensive equipment and a monitor for every client. That makes complete sense.

There ARE a lot of new group fitness franchises out there, but the good news is that it's not something that YOU have to worry about.

In this training, I’m going to show you exactly how to stand firmly on your own two feet and bring something unique to our industry.

Not only are you not going to have to worry if ‘big fitness’ opens a franchise near you, things are going to be a lot better than that.

  • Imagine not having to spend hours each week trying to come up with ideas for your group fitness classes.
  • Imagine running workouts with drills you never would have thought up on your own.
  • Imagine feeling confident in your brand and what sets you apart.
  • Imagine being excited each day knowing exactly who you want to train and know how to reach them and help them. 
  • Imagine being proud of the value of the service you offer to your clients giving you confidence to charge a good price.
  • Imagine not feeling on-call 24 hours a day and instead having space to think and recharge while still feeling connected to your amazing clients.

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