Back 2 Bootcamp Bundle

Save hundreds of dollars and delight your campers!

  • Help your campers remember why they loved training at your face-to-face sessions with workouts that kick-butt (literally and figuratively!)
  • These workouts will help you rekindle those fun, sweaty, engaging sessions.
  • For a limited time, get 7 books for one low price.

Hi, I'm Kyle. I run and I have a put together a special bundle to help you kick off your return to face-to-face workouts with a bang!

Go Back With A Bang!

With parts of the world cautiously moving back to training in face-to-face environments, it’s a great time to attract new people to your bootcamp.

Extroverts from around the world are dying to be able to spend time with and interact with other people. Introverts are considering that maybe they want to find something a little more personal than their 24/7 gym membership.

I’ve rounded up a collection of my favourite digital books from over the years into one, crazy-helpful bundle for you.

It will help you kick things off with a bang, get your existing clients remembering why they love your bootcamp so much and give a high quality experience to new members.

Who's this bundle for?

This bundle is for you if you're a group fitness trainer who runs their own business or subcontracts for another.

You might run a bootcamp or you might call it something else, the main thing is that you train people in groups of 5 or more.

If you’re feeling nervous making a good impression with your sessions, this will help give you some direction.

The Fresh Bootcamp Workouts books will set you up with a collection of indoor and outdoor workout ideas. Volume 1 in particular has some great minimal equipment workouts, clients will just need an exercise band.

Starting a Bootcamp Business is a great book to read as you re-launch your bootcamp into the world. It’s short and packed full of tips on how to find your first clients, get good systems in place, plan workouts and other tools that can help you thrive.

This bundle will give you:

  • A ton of great new workout ideas
  • The time to able to focus on training and looking after your clients instead of wasting hours trying to come up with new workout ideas
  • Insight into how other trainers find new clients
  • A big savings on what you would normally spend on these books

Word of Mouth is the best way to attract
new members.

Building an amazing Community is what get's people spreading the word.

Building community begins with
Engaging Workout Design.

Here's What's In The Bundle

1. The Guide Book – value $29

Behind the scenes tips and tricks of the structure behind a great bootcamp workout including example workouts at the end of each chapter. The book has several sections including entire chapters dedicated to team challenges, sprucing up circuits and boxing.

It also includes my proven method for planning out your bootcamps so that you will be organised, prepared and save time and money.

2. Fresh Bootcamp Workouts Vol. 1 – 27 outdoor workouts – value $49

Over two months of done-for-you workouts formatted for easy printing or reading on your mobile device. The workouts include diagrams when they need them and a list exercise equipment needed.

3. Fresh Bootcamp Workouts Vol. 2

 – 19 indoor workouts – value $29

A further 19 workouts that can all be done in a small space like a covered area in a park, a scout hall or indoor gymnasium. These can of course be taken outside too.

4. Fresh Bootcamp Workouts Vol. 3 – 32 drills & ideas – value $49

Even more tried, tested and loved bootcamp ideas including finishers and fitness tests!

5. Starting a Bootcamp Business – value $49

Just starting your bootcamp or wanting to relaunch it to the world? This book will get you asking all of the right questions to get started.

6. Tyres and Ropes eManual – value $97

This book is THE guide to using Tyres and Ropes at your bootcamp. It is packed full of workouts, drills and exercises to make your clients feel totally badass while working out with you.

7. ​The Little Bootcamp Book of Warm Ups – value $39

This book contains over 20 warm up exercises and I’ve also added 8 warm up drills and 8 of my campers favourite ice-breaker games. 

Plus, Get These Bonuses Worth $37

Workout Planner and Template – value $9

Print and use these templates to plan out your sessions awesome every time. See how long you should spend on each part or the workout and which order of events is best.

Planning Sessions for Different Fitness Levels – value $19

Inside this guide you will find four easy tactics for planning your sessions for a range of fitness levels that you can swap around so things never get boring.

Cheat Sheet of 10 Exercise Substitutions – value $9

10 of my favourite exercise substitutions to use with your campers who are overweight, elderly or can’t use a part of their body due to injury.

Total Value: $378

But you won't pay that...

Buy The Back 2 Bootcamp Bundle Today

Here's what you get:

  1. Fresh Bootcamp Workouts: Guide Book
  2. Fresh Bootcamp Workouts: Vol. 1 (Outdoors)
  3. Fresh Bootcamp Workouts: Vol. 2 (Indoors)
  4. Fresh Bootcamp Workouts: Vol. 3
  5. The Little Bootcamp Book of Warm Ups
  6. The Little Bootcamp Book of Tyres & Ropes
  7. Starting a Bootcamp Business
  8. Plus bonus planner, guide and exercise list.

Previously, you'd pay up to $378 for all of this but today it's just:

AUD $99

That's a savings of $279!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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I have made it my business over the past 10 years to help de-fuzz trainer’s minds

This means exposing you to a lot of different styles of workouts and concepts. This Bundle puts these training concepts and ideas into one place. A single place that you can go to an defuzz your brain when you need to.

If you are new running bootcamps, it will also completely set you up with how to plan and program your workouts and the many kinds of different workouts you can run.

So whether you are a new trainer looking for some guidance or an old dog looking for some new tricks, you will find the Back to Bootcamp Bundle a great resource to have.


Kyle Wood
Founder of


Can’t I just get all this information for free?

Of course you can, and I encourage you to continue to access as much free information as possible.

Bootcamp Ideas is limited by being a blog though. It is hard to access archives and one thing I discovered while writing these book is that a lot of my old workout descriptions were pretty horrible.

This bundle gives you 70 of my workouts – revamped with better descriptions, in printable format and with diagrams – as well as something you can’t find on the site, a 33 page guide to the science behind the workouts which you cannot be found elsewhere.

I’m new to training, will the techniques and drills inside be too advanced?

Nope, this book is written for you! It’s everything I wish I had known when I was starting out.

I cover workouts with no equipment, how to use your environment, how to run fun circuits and how to create team challenges. You can take your time and just digest and experiment with one chapter at a time if you like.


If you have liked what you read so far, then I’m glad because I wrote this book for you. No that is not some cheesy pick up line like ‘I wrote that song about you!’. I genuinely believe it.

So if you go ahead and buy this book and you don’t find it useful, you can’t afford it or you just don’t like it then shoot me an email within 30 days of buying it and I will refund your money, no questions asked.

Other Questions?

Check out the FAQ section or if you're ready, hit the button below to grab your copy.

Here's What You Get in the Back 2 Bootcamp Bundle

  • 5 manuals chock full of easy-to-run workout ideas & drills
  • In-depth guide to the best practices for planning and creating your own amazing sessions
  • A detailed guide to starting your own bootcamp

  • ​Print-friendly layouts for those who like hard copies
  • ​Lifetime access. Download as many times as you need to to any device
  • ​All for one low price

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't find these books good value just let us know withing 30 days of purchase and we'll send you a prompt refund.

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P.S. This has been a really hard year for everyone and I know that you want to put your best foot forward and help your clients stay healthy through this time.

This bundle will not only help you do that, it will also help you free up more time to focus on supporting your clients with personal touches. That's what we're all really needing right now.

Don't miss out on this bundle, it's only here for a short time.

- Kyle

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