Australian Bush Fire Relief Fundraiser


Monday January 13th 2020 to Friday January 17th 2020

Fundraiser Goal: $5,000

Fundraiser Epic Goal: $10,000

181 bundles sold

Last updated: 11:30am Mon 20/1/20

$9549.50 of $10,000

An appeal from Kyle Wood and Dale Sidebottom:

Currently Australia is experiencing some of it's worst bush fires in history.

Thousands of people have been uprooted and evacuated from their homes. Lives have been lost, uncountable homes have been lost, not to mention over 1 billion wild animals, pets and livestock that have been affected.

Firefighters from all around Australia and even the USA are being flown in to help local firefighters who are beyond exhausted from weeks of firefighting. Most of these firefighters are volunteers, away from their jobs and families to help others.

For an idea of how big these fires are, they spread across all states and the smoke plumes are visible from space.

I (Kyle Wood from Bootcamp Ideas) and my good friend Dale Sidebottom (from Energetic Education) live in Victoria, one of the most recent states to have out of control bush fires. Fortunately, we live well away from the affected regions which makes us some the lucky one's.

We are also lucky to both have online platforms that put us in contact with thousands of caring Trainers and PE Teachers from around the world. So we are reaching out to our communities now to try help out those people and animals who are suffering and displaced right now.

We've put together several special bundles that you can buy to help us raise money to help this cause.

By buying one of the limited time bundles below you'll be supporting the aid of Australians who are now homeless or unable to get back to their homes or volunteering in affected regions. You'll also be supporting rescuing and care of animals who are in affected regions.

100% of profits from this sale will be going to the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery and Wildlife Victoria Bushfire Appeal.

The Bundles

Bundle #1 - Starter Bundle

Dice Games & Challenges

Spice up your sessions and classes with 10 amazing dice driven workout ideas in this manual.

Value: $69.99

Outdoor Workouts eBook

Over two months of done-for-you workouts formatted for easy printing or reading on your mobile device. The workouts include diagrams when they need them and a list exercise equipment needed.

Value: $49

Total Value: $118.99

‚ÄčFundraiser Price: $20

Bundle #2 - The Works

Mega Fitness Games Bundle

Five workout manuals with 62 group fitness workouts and games. Dice games, card games, icebreakers, sports-inspired workouts and more which are great for group fitness workouts, team training sessions or PE classes.

Value: $199

WORKOUTS: Pro Package

4 workout collection ebooks including a total of 94 outdoor, indoor and boxing workout ideas. 1 comprehensive guide to how to plan your own amazing workouts. Plus, templates and exercise videos to help you in planning your sessions.

Value: $99

Total Value: $298

Fundraiser Price: $49

Bundle #3 - 12 Month Pass Bundle

Fitness Game Zone 12-Month Pass

Are you ready to bring back the joy of playing and being a kid again? Revolutionise the way you plan your sessions and turn fitness into fun (without spending hours behind your desk!) With over 600 tried and tested games to pick from it's easy to bring joy and laughter into your sessions with Fitness Game Zone.

This bundle will give you a no-obligation-to-continue 12-month pass.

Value: US$99

BootCraft 12-Month Pass

BootCraft turns planning workouts from being a chore to a quick and painless task. With over 700 tried and tested group fitness drills to pick from organised by category, finding and crafting the workout you need only takes a few minutes.

This bundle will give you a no-obligation-to-continue 12-month pass.

Value: $170

Total Value: $314

Fundraiser Price: $99


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  • Outdoor Workouts Manual
  • Dice Games & Challenges
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  • 12-month Pass to Fitness Game Zone
  • 12-month Pass to Workout Ideas
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