Make A Real Living In The Fitness Industry

The Bootcamp Ideas All-Access Pass Gives You Workout Ideas, Marketing Plans & More

Where do we find good help when we work for ourselves?

I believe the journey of creating a business is a deeply personal one. It's one we can't survive without help and support.

Think of the last client you trained (or perhaps it was you) who made a dramatic, sustainable healthy change to their life. Did they do it with a fad diet? Or some piece of equipment they saw advertised on Instagram?


They endured some serious struggles. They failed... a lot. But then they found a series of small changes that they could make and keep (possibly helped by you). They were patient with themselves and let the results unfold as they did the work.

In the same way, going it alone and 'quick fix' solutions are all distractions from the journey of growing a business. To be able to keep your doors open and serve your amazing clients year after year you need to make small, sustainable changes to the way you do business.

The BCI All-Access Pass helps group fitness trainers feel less overwhelmed and turn their uncertainty into direction.

Let me explain how.

But First, What Our Community Stands For...

Let me ask you a question... Why do we run group fitness sessions?

Because we see how when a group of people train together they inspire and encourage one another. Everyone's energy gets lifted.

It's the same here with Bootcamp Ideas. We believe by working together and encouraging each other that everyone wins. Here's what our community stands for:


We live our values and run our businesses intentionally. It's important to us not to take slimey short cuts. We don't just put on a show of doing this on social media, we live and breathe it. Our industry has enough snake oil salesman, we must hold ourselves to a higher standard.


We connect with our clients on a personal level. We seek out mentors and peers to connect with and support us. We are generous with our time and thoughts but we also keep appropriate boundaries.


We accept vulnerability as part of the deal of running a heart-based business. Our vulnerability gives us courage and allows us to make creative solutions. We'll happily go first if it gives someone else the gift of going second.

Wouldn't it be nice to have somewhere to go when you needed help?

Somewhere you can go grab a few ideas for tomorrow's bootcamp class.

Somewhere you can find inspiration to take your sessions in a new direction.

Somewhere that you can ask questions and get thoughtful answers.

Somewhere that other people 'get' the problems you face as a personal trainer or fitness instructor.

Imagine finding that place and it leading to even more things like:

  • feeling confident in your brand and what sets you apart
  • being excited each day knowing exactly who you want to train and know how to reach them and help them
  • being proud of the value of the service you offer to your clients and feeling like you've really nailed down your pricing
  • not feeling on-call 24 hours a day and instead having space to think and recharge while still feeling connected to your amazing clients

Kyle has an exceptional understanding of the fitness industry, how to excel as an instructor and business owner and provides tangible explanations, advice and support. The addition of having a private Facebook forum to bounce ideas and support off other small business owners, is just the icing on the cake. It’s been (and continues to be) one of the best investments I have made in enhancing my offering to new and existing clients, and carving out a strong presence for Momentum Bootcamps, that sets us apart from our competitors.

Vanessa Birch

Trainer & Owner of Momentum Bootcamp

Dude, just want to say a huge thanks. As a busy PT, bootcamp owner, and parent your
BootCraft has saved me so much time allowing me to concentrate on other things.

Andy Ciaravella

Gym Owner & Fitness Entrepreneur

Part of Kyle’s program focuses on discovering who you are as a person so you can learn to work with your strengths and weaknesses. This led to incredible insight that benefited my personal life as well as my business. Now that I’ve completed the program I can truly say it’s paid for itself over and over again.


Trainer & Coach

Introducing the BCI All-Access Pass

- Everything You Need To Run a Successful Group Fitness Business Without Breaking The Bank

I'm not the new kid on the block when it comes to group fitness. I've dedicated over a third of my life to helping other group fitness trainers. I’ve put almost every resource I’ve created to help group fitness trainers in the past decade (plus some new one’s that you’ll read about below) into the BCI All-Access Pass.

The BCI All-Access Pass is all about putting all of the things you need to know as a self-employed instructor and personal trainer into one place. Unlike other programs or courses that only teach you one piece of the pie, I cover everything you’ll need.

This is the resource that gives you absolutely everything you need to feel confident creating a successful living in the fitness industry. One that is prosperous (both financially and emotionally), one that won’t lead to burn out and one that empowers you to impact a lot of people.

This is the tool that can take you from burned out and overwhelmed, to more freedom, more amazing clients and, importantly, more fulfillment.

Here's What You'll Find

Inside The BCI All-Access Pass

The BCI All-Access Pass includes tools, courses, workshops and an awesome community to help you become the trainer and small business owner you want to be.


Save hours of time each week hundreds of dynamic group fitness ideas with BootCraft to keep your sessions fresh and your skills sharp. It’s super easy to use, allowing quick searches for the perfect drill for any workout or client. Plus, access ready-to-use workout plans to streamline your bootcamp planning and ensure effective, balanced sessions. Transform the way you train with BootCraft’s awesome ideas.

Fitness Branding Bootcamp

The Fitness Branding Bootcamp is a one-month intensive course designed to help you define your brand and establish key marketing and admin systems. Learn simple, effective marketing strategies to attract and retain clients, use our ready-made website and email templates to establish your online presence, and follow daily step-by-step actions to build your business confidently. Join in a live cohort or proceed at your own pace to transform your fitness business!

BCI: Fundamentals

Jumpstart your journey as a bootcamp instructor with my Bootcamp Instructor Fundamentals course. In just one week, you'll master the essentials of planning and delivering compelling group fitness workouts. Gain the confidence to run sessions like a pro, learn to create a welcoming class atmosphere, and boost camper retention. This course is ideal for newcomers to group fitness or those starting their own fitness venture.

Email Newsletters Made Easy

Unlock the power of email marketing with this course made just for Fitness Professionals. This comprehensive guide takes you through five modules, from mindset tips and content planning to technical setup and reader engagement strategies. You'll learn how to create a compelling newsletter, increase your readership, and maintain consistent communication with your clients. By the end, you'll be ready to send engaging emails that foster strong connections and grow your business.

screen shot of BCI All-Access workshops

Regular Online Workshops

Learn from anywhere and discover the practical side of running a fitness business with my interactive workshops. We've covered topics like how to improve client retention, master email marketing, plan perfect sessions, and maintain motivation in your business. I make these very practical and break down complex topics into actionable steps (called BWODs - Business Workouts Of the Day).

Private Community

Being a trainer can be lonely, but with the BCI All-Access Pass, you're part of a vibrant community of experienced trainers, including live trainings and challenges. This supportive network offers hundreds of discussions, feedback, and the momentum of a cohort to help you thrive in your fitness business. Plus, get help on the go with our convenient app.

That's over $1490 of value inside!

To sum it up, what you really get is...


Endless Inspiration & Expertise

Unlock a treasure trove of workout ideas and step-by-step session plans with the BCI All-Access Pass. You'll never run out of fresh, engaging content to keep your classes exciting and your clients motivated, ensuring they come back for more.


Community & Collaboration

Connect with a supportive community of experienced trainers who understand the challenges of the fitness industry. Share ideas, get feedback, and collaborate on strategies to enhance your business, all within a network that feels like family.


Professional Growth

Accelerate your development with access to exclusive workshops and courses that cover everything from email marketing to session planning. Plus, with live training and challenges, you experience the dynamic growth of working within a cohort, boosting your skills and confidence without relying solely on self-motivation. 

All-Access Pass Pricing

You might be thinking... 'Oh, this is going to cost me a small fortune' but, the BCI All-Access Pass pricing is designed to be accessible to all levels of trainers. No need to break the bank.

Simply choose your plan and you'll get to keep that price for life, even if it increases later.



Get started with a quarterly membership.

  • Tools: BootCraft (normally $60/quarter)
  • Courses: Fitness Branding Bootcamp, Bootcamp Instructor Fundamentals, Email Newsletters Made Easy (worth $500+)
  • Workshops: all 5 workshops (worth $400+)
  • Community: Q&A areas, Course discussion, Live courses and workshops
  • Plus: No lock-in contracts, Cancel anytime, Get access to new courses and workshops

3-monthly recurring subscription. Cancel anytime.

For those outside of Australia the quarterly membership works out be to around $66 USD, 60 or £52. These are estimates and can change.





Save 33%

  • Tools: BootCraft (normally $60/quarter)
  • Courses: Fitness Branding Bootcamp, Bootcamp Instructor Fundamentals, Email Newsletters Made Easy (worth $500+)
  • Workshops: all 5 workshops (worth $400+)
  • Community: Q&A areas, Course discussion, Live courses and workshops
  • Plus: No lock-in contracts, Cancel anytime, Get access to new courses and workshops

Pay yearly and get the best value. Automatic renewal, cancel anytime.

For those outside of Australia the annual membership works out be to around $131 USD, €122 or £105. These are estimates and can change.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days


Unlike other courses and education services out there the BCI All-Access Pass comes with a 30 day change-of-mind guarantee because I believe in it so much. So if you sign up and it’s not for you or you can see the value you’re getting simply email our support email address and we’ll refund you. (You will, of course, lose any access.)

Is The BCI All-Access Pass Right For You?

It's for you if...

  • Run your own sessions or are paid on a sliding scale
  • Sometimes wish you could just ask someone how they did something
  • Feel like your business could be more streamlined and consistent
  • Believe in the power of community and all boats rising
  • You make time for family - you don’t want your business to take over your life
  • You care about the long-term impact you have on your clients, their families and the wider community.

It's not for you if...

  • Are after 'quick fixes' and band aid solutions
  • Don't wish to run your own business
  • Believe in success at all costs
  • Aren't ready to put in consistent work on your business
  • You are more concerned about the number of Instagram or Tik Tok followers you have than the real customers you have
  • You want things to just be easy and are not willing to get a little uncomfortable in order to pursue the things that are important to you

And it's REALLY for you if your dreams are...

  • To be in the industry for a long time
  • To be more than just a personal trainer - but a role model that people can really rely on as a mentor.
  • To show up differently to the cookie-cutter PTs you see online
  • To run more than group fitness sessions (perhaps you want to branch into retreats, life coaching, speaking)

What A Few BCI Students Are Saying

I’m lovin' it. Talking to other trainers, I don’t get to do that over here- I don’t feel like I’m on my own anymore. I was feeling so flat and lost- I ran a group this morning and for the first time in a long time I felt like I had a loaded gun, so on fire- and it paid off on my group as they were the happiest I've seen them in a while. Best of all this is just day 3 I can’t wait for what's to come. I was sitting on the fence in joining but all I could think of was “Hey whats the worst that could happen”. Thank you so much.

Kerrie-ann Kirk

I am so thankful that you put this group on! I’m new to the industry and I’m finding this is helping me begin new protocols and starting great habits from the beginning. I love getting feedback from members and it doesn’t seem so scary now to ask, doing things as a group is such an awesome idea- I’m sure it helps build supportive community and helps keep your members loyal.
This list is long of what I am getting from this group and I can’t say thank you enough!

Kelly Coles

I cannot remember the days before I joined BootCraft! Its such a handy tool to have and a great community to be part of! Kyle shares some incredible ideas along with the rest of the featured trainers. It helps add a bit of fun back into Bootcamp and takes the stress away if you need a quick idea or two to help plan a session! A HUGE we love you BootCraft all the way from England!

Jorgia Weeks

As a busy Mum of 2 boys sometimes I just don’t have time to sit down & program a session. Having BootCraft at my fingertips is a real time saver not to mention that the workouts are fantastic & super challenging! Makes my PT life just a little easier. 🙂

Amanda Timms

This site has been a huge asset to me since I first signed up!! I take the ideas and adapt them to suit my boot camp family 🙂 I am never stuck for an idea, which after 7 years of teaching this type of class is amazing!!

Shelley Butler

Frequently asked questions

How will the All-Access Pass help me plan my group fitness or bootcamp classes faster?

As a member of the BCI All-Access Pass you’ll get access to our trusted tool BootCraft. BootCraft has been used by thousands  of trainers around the world to save hours planning sessions and to take those sessions to the next level.

It contains hundreds of workout ideas that are sortable by equipment, length, number of people, type and more. In just minutes you could find a fiery warm up, a high-energy fitness came, a circuit with a twist and a killer of a finisher drill which would give you an amazing workout.

I absolutely LOVE your BootCraft website. It is my online mentor and my clients love the variety of classes that I offer thanks to you - You make me look professional!!

Katie Klug

Bootcamp Trainer, Tasmania, Australia

I know I could be doing more, but I never seem to have enough time. How will adding something extra to my plate give me more time?

Let me ask you this, when a client says the same to you about taking the time to exercise, what do you say to them?

You tell them that the time they put into exercising will give them more energy and that more energy means they’ll get more out of the rest of their time. It will set them up for success.

The BCI All-Access Pass will do the same for your business. As you complete my guides to setting up systems for your business it will free up your energy and time from mundane tasks which will create momentum and more energy for you to focus on the parts of your business you love.

Will this work for me?

This is a good question but an even better question is, ‘Will I work for me?’

Will you work now for your future self who’s living 12 months now? Will you take a step out of your comfort zone and really give this PT thing a go? If your answers are yes, then yes, this will work for you as it has for 100s of other trainers.

Is this good for trainers who work for someone else?

If you get paid per client instead of per hour, then yes. This will help you fill your sessions and get paid more.

If you get paid just for the hour, then no. Unless you are planning to start running your own sessions too.

How long will it take me to get through the material?

It really depends on you. You could get through all of the business and branding content in a couple of months if you put aside just 30 minutes a day. The workouts on BootCraft would take much longer to go through which is why you can filter them by type, equipment, time, group size, etc.

How long do I have access?

You’ll have access for as long as you remain a member. If you choose to cancel you will continue having access until the end of your billing cycle.

How long will it take me to get through the material?

If you get paid per client instead of per hour, then yes. This will help you fill your sessions and get paid more.

If you get paid just for the hour, then no. Unless you are planning to start running your own sessions too.

How can I find other fitness professionals to share ideas about workouts and running a business?

One often overlooked aspect of successful business owners is peer support. Your clients have each other for support, but who do you have to talk to when you have an issue with a client or when you’re trying to work out why no one is coming to your sessions?

In those moments you need to be able to talk to other trainers who’ve been in your position before. The Academy community is amazing, from sharing workout ideas to participating in challenges together to sharing how they solved the exact problem you’re facing. It’s the missing element to your greatness.

I’m pretty new to being a PT/Instructor, will this stuff be too complicated?

Great work entering the exciting and interesting world of the fitness industry! If you’re a new PT this material is perfect. I’ve included a quick start guide for brand new trainers like yourself so you don’t get overwhelmed with the advanced stuff and can instead start with exactly what you need first.

I’m actually happy with the number of people in my classes and don’t want more clients, I’m more interested in more freedom. Can you help with that?

Amen! If you’re full up with clients but want to use your time better, you’ll love the systems I get you to set up that save you a heap of time each week.

We’ll also look at the loftier goals you might have like running retreats, taking large chunks of time off for travel or to learn new skills and more.

What makes BCI All-Access Pass different from other courses and programs for group fitness trainers and fitness professionals?

Unlike other courses and programs that mostly focus on what you do in your sessions, the BCI All-Access Pass also shows you what you should be doing on your business outside of your sessions.

Everything is scalable to your available time (hello to the other full-time parents doing this on the side) and scalable to your ambitions. I’ve also made sure to include plenty of chances to find community and belonging as being a trainer can be so isolating.

Can you talk more about BootCraft?

Sure. I’ve been showing trainers how to uplevel their group fitness workouts for over a decade. Periodically I used to package up a group of maybe 20 workout ideas into a PDF and offer it for sale. But I had hundreds of workout ideas and hundreds more being sent in by other trainers I knew.

So I stopped doing PDFs and instead set up a website where all the ideas lived and could be searched and filtered. New ideas could easily be added and found alongside trusted favourites from years ago. Trainers can also see which ideas are popular and it’s super easy to use.

Visit the BootCraft website.

My credit card doesn't work with Australian Dollars.

Not a problem.

Usually international banks will convert your currency to Australian Dollars when you check out without you needing to do anything. Sometimes, however, it doesn't seem to work.

If you're having trouble just email me at and I will send you a link to pay via Paypal. Once your payment has gone through I will manually create an account for you.

About Kyle Wood

I've been teaching best practices for running bootcamps for the past 14 years. Rather than aiming for fame, I've focused on creating a deep, connected network of trainers from around the world. Some have been following my work for 5, 6, 7 or more years which I am humbled by and feel speaks to the effectiveness and quality of my work.

The BCI All-Access Pass is my opportunity to put all of the things I've learned about running a group fitness business into one place for the amazing community of trainers I serve.

I hope you'll decide to join us.

Get the clarity and support you're looking for... join the BCI All-Access Pass today.