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What it's often like running a group fitness business?

You’re working hard on growing your business but each day you turn up to your session and the same number of people are there. Maybe you even had good growth at one point but now it’s plateaued and you just can’t work out why.

The business you thought would be fun to run is turning out to be the biggest source of stress in your life. It’s hard to keep getting excited about your business when it’s not reflecting the hard work you put into it.

I know from surveying hundreds of trainers that 85% of trainers are unhappy with where their business is.

To me, that means that most trainers aren’t getting the information they need to create a fulfilling group fitness business. Or they are getting it, but aren’t sure how to put it into practice.

It’s time to change, but where on earth do you start?

Imagine if fixing this problem didn’t take some drastic change to your business or slimy new marketing trick.

Imagine if each day you could just do one task that would help your classes grow. Let someone remove the anxiety and stress of working out what to do next all of the time leaving you to make the fun decisions like what session to do next week and what message do you want your fitness business to spread.

That would be pretty great, yeah? That’s why I’ve created this 31 day challenge…

I tested it out on myself first

My name is Kyle Wood and I’m the guy behind Bootcamp Ideas.


My name is Kyle Wood and I’m the guy behind Bootcamp Ideas.

In 2010 I had a big problem with my bootcamp. I was adding new people each month but for some reason I still had the same total number of people attending my bootcamp.

The month would start and then slowly attendance would drop off over the month. These people had paid up front, why weren’t they coming?!

So I tried adding even more people each month with letterbox drops, flyers at local businesses and all the other usual marketing tactics I read about online. But all that did was leave me feeling exhausted. Towards the end of each month I was in such a stressful panic to market all the avenues just to find a few more new clients.

Then one day during a conversation with my wife something clicked. I was going about it all wrong.

I began reading different books and different blogs and started implementing a lot of common sense into the way I ran my bootcamp. Almost immediately things started turning around.

I stopped needing to do hours and hours a week of external marketing, my bootcamp members went from 30 people to 80 people and I had to add 5 more class times which in turn added even more clients.

The figures showed the results too. My weekly bootcamp profits went from under $1,000 a week to $2,600 a week. (Yes, the elusive 6-figure income, but let's not turn this into another one of those 6-figure income sales pages).

I was able to focus on the things I enjoyed in my bootcamp and the stresses I once had began melting away.

I was just like you, in the same position you are in now but I found a way to change things.

31 Days to a Better Fitness Business are the steps that made the biggest difference in turning my bootcamp around and now finally, I want to share them with you.

6 Mistakes All Fitness Business Owners Make

Looking back I didn’t realise that the thing I was missing from my bootcamp was consistent clients. I just knew that I wasn’t as happy as I could be with how things were going. And it felt like we were doing way too much marketing to fill our sessions each month.

Having the same people at your bootcamp month after month builds an awesome community in your business. Something which I only appreciated the awesome power of once I saw it in action. Also going from 5 sessions per week to 10 sessions, having over 10 clients in each evening class and over 25 clients in our 6am class meant I could do more fun sessions too. The whole thing gained crazy momentum and took a life of it’s own.

It was awesome to be a part of and all it took was getting smarter about my business.

But with so much business advice out there I had no idea where to start. Should I only listen to fitness pro’s? What about other business books? What on earth is customer churn?

I knew something needed to change. But what?

Mistake #1:

If you build it they will come. My training speaks for itself so I don't need to sell.

This mistake I made early on. I assumed that if I just trained people really well, other’s would magically hear of my training prowess and want to join my sessions.

For some reason The Field of Dreams method didn’t work for me and I ended up frustrated as I watched people leave and not be replaced by anyone new.

Once I realised that that this was flawed thinking I started making changes which funnily enough gave me the opposite results. Good results!

Mistake #2:

I need to do MORE marketing, MORE Facebook ads, MORE letter drops, referrals, flyers at cafes, etc.

I see trainers get hooked on this all the time. I was hooked on it too. Through stress and panic I would blindly try every marketing route I knew to get people to sign up for the following month.

Meanwhile my bootcamp was like a cup with a large hole in the bottom. I was adding new clients at the top but they where all falling out and instead of fixing the hole I just tried to pour in more clients.

Totally crazy when I think about it now. Once I worked out how to patch the hole and keep it patched it made all of the difference.

Mistake #3:

My bootcamp sessions are all my clients want and need.

I want to share with you a story of when I realised how huge a mistake this was. I can remember it vividly.

I sat on the end of the long table. Well actually it was several tables pushed together in one long line. In front of me was a window into a pub, behind me I could hear the huge waves crashing on the beach as they always seem to do in Kilcunda.

I took a drink from my glass of beer. My hand was still shaking from the race. Actually my entire body felt spent. I looked down the table at the 21 muddy faces and hair. They were all chatting with smiles on their faces as they tucked into their steak, fish or chicken parma. Occasionally one of them would look down the table and catch my eye. Give me a grin and then go back to their happy chat.

At that moment I felt sheer bliss. A sense of fulfillment that was a major highlight of my training career.

We had just splashed, crawled and climbed through our first Spartan Race. All 22 of us. Some who had never run more then a couple kilometers in their life prior to the training of the event. We completed the race as a team, despite it being timed and we finished together.

For years I assumed clients just wanted to come to training but in fact they wanted so much more. They wanted a community, they wanted commarades, they wanted to be part of a team. More on that soon.

Mistake #4:

I care but I don't really show it.

If you are a little introverted like me then you have totally fallen into this one at some point.

Plus I doubley do because I am what they call a Millennial (or something). It means I got my first mobile phone the same day I first got my nappy changed.

While that’s not entirely true, the fact that I made this mistake many, many times is.

The mistake is not showing that you care in a meaningful way.

An email asking where someone was 3 days after they missed a session is not a great way to show you care. Waiting until the night before your bootcamp to plan the session, when you know you have a big range of fitness levels coming, is also not a great way to show you care. Not following up with that client who has been away sick for a couple of weeks because you don’t want to bother them. Also a huge failure of showing you care. Not celebrating your clients achievements (fitness and non-fitness), not because you don’t notice them but just because you… well… it feels kind of slimy is yet another way.

You can show you care without being annoying and without seeming sales-y. Even if you are introverted.

Mistake #5:

I want to be affordable to everyone.

This is one of the most damaging mistakes you can make for your business because it hurts you in two ways.

For me, it made it hard for me to be profitable and even to put food on my table some weeks. The math of it just doesn’t work out. $5 per person means I have to train 200 people a week just to make $1,000 (before taxes and expenses).

The second way it hurt my business was that people didn’t take me seriously. It positions you as the $2 shop of group fitness. People will use you as they need to and then leave without much thought about it.

Mistake #6:

I can do this alone.

This list originally had just 5 mistakes but I went ahead an added this one because it's become so important.

New platforms for marketing your business online are great for finding clients but they do leave us spending a lot of time behind our computer not actually talking to our peers.

We see everyone else seemingly crushing it and then beat ourselves up for not having a bigger/better/smarter/richer/etc business.

The truth is that everyone is struggling in this and it's so important to surround ourselves with supportive, authentic people who are going to be candid with us.

I Was Like You

I didn’t always know how to do this.

My first attempt at a bootcamp took off well but after a few months I had to make the really hard decision of shutting it down. I just wasn't getting enough clients.

However, I could see what I had done wrong the first time and it was time to change things and start fresh.

18 months into my new bootcamp I was running a bootcamp that gave me a lot of enjoyment. I was spending more time with my friends, visiting family and doing things that I loved without worrying about every little thing in my business.

And I had Friday evenings and Saturday mornings off (sleep in, YES!).

Running a successful group fitness business isn’t just about delivering awesome training sessions (although that does play a big part). You need to know how to build a community and how to run a business effectively.

Now I just want to share what I did with others – along with more that I’ve learnt from other successful trainers in our awesome community.

Although, you might be asking yourself...


You may think you don’t need help, that you can fix your business by yourself. After all it’s your fitness business and not mine.

But be prepared to go through what I did: 2 years of trial and error. The pain of having a business that clearly isn’t working properly. Reading dozens of books and then trying to distill what you can from them.

Is that really the best way to serve your clients? Wouldn’t you prefer things to just have access to what I did to turn my business around?

Or you might be thinking...​


You might be thinking ‘My bootcamp (and job) keep me so busy, I don’t have time for any extra work.’

I get that. I have that feeling all of the time. And the best way to overcome it is to ask for help!

I want to help you out in two ways:

1. Each task in 31DBFB is crafted around the days of the week. I’ve placed short quick tasks during the week (think less than 30 minutes) and longer tasks around the weekend.

2. Even though you will be getting these as a daily email you also get access to a fully decked out online course that you can continue to refer to. So if you want to only do one task every second day and do the course over 62 days or just do 3 or 4 tasks each weekend, you can totally do that.

We'll Focus on Three Big Areas

From working with over 20,000 trainers who've followed Bootcamp Ideas, I've found that when a bootcamp business has problems one or more of the following is lacking:

Business Consitency

To grow your business you need to run it like a business. We'll cover:

  • Planning sessions in advance
  • A clear message. What is your business about?
  • Simple pricing
  • Systemising common occurances

Client Delight

Client referrals are an amazing way to grow your business. We'll captilise on that by focusing on:

  • Following up
  • Rewards
  • Creating that WOW factor
  • Understanding their needs

Your Health

Your clients are looking for someone to lead them. Practice what you preach. You'll take care of:

  • Your health and training
  • Your mental state
  • Finding great support networks

Over the 31 days we'll address each area with effective, time saving tasks.


If you're scratching your head wondering where to start fixing your group fitness business, 31 Days to a Better Fitness Business will get you on the right track:

Each day you will get:

  • One new task for the day.
  • Training to help you complete the task.
  • Further reading to help you take the day’s task to the next level.

I’ve kept it as simple as possible so you can just get the work done without worrying about how to find the lesson or having to read massive articles.

Plus, I’m not going to leave you hanging. If you fall behind or want to do the challenge at a slower pace, you’ll get all of the days accessible online too. This way you can refer back to content forever or repeat it every year to keep your business on track.

By the end of the 31 Days you will have:

  • A smarter working business. We’ll go through creating small, simple to repeat systems for your group fitness business.
  • A more engaged business community. A big focus of the 31 Days is on creating a community out of your clients that will motivate each other and help spread the word on your business.
  • Less stress and less risk of burn out. One day a week is dedicated to helping you organise your life and your training. An area we trainers often neglect because we are so focused on trying to help others.
  • Plus, get access to a community that won’t let you quit. Ask questions, get support and interact with other trainers in our Private Facebook Community. This is way more valuable then you realise.

Daily Emails:

Plus Online Access:

Plus, get access to the brand new Bootcamp School

When you sign up this week you will also get access to Bootcamp School to help you create a unique, in-demand business at no extra charge.

Bootcamp School is a growing library of courses designed to help you create a thriving fitness business.

Here's a peak at what's to come:


Available Now

The health industry’s solution to people being overweight by cutting the fat out of everything. Full Fat Marketing is all about keeping the fat in and establishing long term relationships with your clients – thereby helping them create long term health and fitness habits.

​In this course you'll learn:

  • How to Market Without Being Sleazy.
    If you’ve never learned about marketing before, I’ll show you the ropes so you don’t have to resort to gimmicks and hard selling.​
  • Most fitness marketing leaves people hating their bodies or destroying their metabolism with diet after diet. I’ll show you how to avoid that and what you can do that works instead.
  • The Secret to Having More Clients.
    Hint: it’s got little to do with spending more money on marketing.
  • Why Appealing to Everyone is the Biggest Mistake You Could Make.
    I’ll help you stand out and have new and existing clients fall in love with you all over again.

Total value: $99


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Whether you have kids, are time poor or just worn out all of the time, this method will be a complete life saver.

I use it myself and it was originally taught to me by a mother of two who runs her own consulting business so I know it can work for you too.

You'll learn:​

  • How to Find the Time to Work on Your Business.
    Even (especially) when you don't feel like you have any.
  • The Key to Getting More Done in Less Time.
    It comes down to getting clarity first before taking action.
  • The exact method I use to plan my week and juggle multiple projects, a family and a social life.

This course is an absolute lifesaver and I think will be your favourite part of 31DBBB.

Total value: $39


Coming Soon

Where do people go to find your business? Google. Your business needs a place to live online.

Getting a website built can be prohibitively expensive though and doing it yourself can seem beyond your know how.

So I put together this course on how to build a site using a very friendly platform called Squarespace.

​In this course you'll learn:

  • How to Build a Great Looking Site in Less Than a Week.
    I'll walk you through each step from creation to publishing in a few short steps.
  • Why it Matters What's Written on Your Site.
    You can combine this course with Full Fat Marketing (see above) to create a site that delivers you great, reliable clients.
  • What on Earth SEO is.
    And how to leverage so people can find you more easily.

Total value: $39

​You'll also get access to any other new courses added to Bootcamp School.

All of this is included for the one price, it's kinda like getting 4+ courses for the price of one.

Here's What Trainers Are Saying​ Who've Completed This Course

I’m the sole proprietor of a bootcamp, and as such, I often can feel like I’m on my own and flying blind when it comes to building and growing my business. That’s why I’m so grateful that I signed up for the “31 Days to a A Better Bootcamp Business” 31 Day Challenge presented by Kyle Wood and Bootcamp Ideas. I have found the daily tasks that Kyle sends to be manageable, and allow me to focus on areas of my business that I either haven’t thought about or had neglected over time. The challenge about fine-tuning the About page on my website, for example, was HUGELY valuable for me as I have never previously received guidance in that area and helped me see the importance of that page in a brand new light.

The online community aspect of this program allows for a collaborative environment, and creates a way for us all to be accountable to each other, particularly for the more difficult tasks. I really love having a worldwide network of trainers in my very specific line of work all sharing in this experience, and providing feedback from our own perspectives. I’m especially excited that I will receive a PDF of all the tasks at the end of the challenge, so I can easily go back and do tasks I may have missed, or do specific ones that may not apply to me now but might later. Thank you, Kyle, for creating this interactive and super useful bootcamp development program that allows me focus on creating and building the best bootcamp possible!

Robin Legat //  Power Jam Fitness, L.A., California, USA

I like working with Kyle because we share similar values when it comes to business and focus on growing a community rather than just a business. I connected with Kyle’s way of doing things rather than the other PT business “gurus” who spend all their time telling you about making six-figures, that you need to sell sell sell and tell me why I’m failing. People want to be part of a community rather than feel like someone is just taking their money or scamming them. That is why I take advice from Kyle, because he helps me stay true to my values.

Libby Nuttall  //  Owner of Change It Up Training, Woodend, Victoria, Australia

What I thought was going to be a few helpful tips when signing up to a “31 Days to a Better Bootcamp Business” has been blown out of the water. I have never been as mindful and proactive as I have this month – in all aspects of my business from training to marketing, due to the ‘call to actions’ Kyle has encouraged us to complete daily.

Kyle has an exceptional understanding of the fitness industry, how to excel as an instructor and business owner and provides tangible explanations, advice and support. The addition of having a private Facebook forum to bounce ideas and support off other small business owners, is just the icing on the cake. It’s been (and continues to be) one of the best investments I have made in enhancing my offering to new and existing clients, and carving out a strong presence for Momentum Bootcamps, that sets us apart from our competitors.

I would highly recommend this 31 Day Challenge to anyone who is serious about wanting a successful and sustainable bootcamp business.

Vanessa Birch  //  Founder of Momentum Bootcamps, Singapore

I’m lovin it and talking to other trainers, I don’t get to do that over here- I don’t feel like I’m on my own anymore. I was feeling so flat and lost- I ran a group this morning and for the first time in a long time I felt like I had a loaded gun, so on fire- and it payed off on my group as they where the happiest i’ve seen them in a while. Best of all this is just day 3 I can’t wait for whats to come. I was sitting on the fence in joining but all I could think of was “hey whats the worst that could happen”. There are a few scammers out there but I’ve been following Kyle for a bit over 6 months and he seems alright haha. Thank you so much.

Kerrie Kirk  //  Kerrie Kirk HealthnFitness, Queensland, Australia

& GET:

  • 31 daily steps to improve your group fitness business. This isn’t just a couple of helpful blog posts, these are effective tasks to help us perform massive triage to your business. You’ll get one sent to you each day. – total value $155
  • There is also included training in each email so that you can get to work on the day’s task without spending hours working out how.
  • 31 days of email support. Email me at any time during your 31 day challenge and I will help you the best I can. – total value $100
  • You get access to the content forever in one decked out online course. – total value $99
  • A printable checklist of all 31 days so you can get that satisfying feeling off checking off each day one at a time. - total value $15
  • Weekly Online Classrooms (Office Hours) (4 total). Come join me live each week for more in-depth training plus a chance to get help on your individual problems with coaching from me and other trainers. - total value priceless
  • Get much needed peer accountability with our Private Facebook group. This is where you can interact with other trainers completing 31 Days to a Better Fitness Business. Ask questions about the daily task or for help on any other aspect of your business. – total value priceless
  • Bonus: Lifetime access to Bootcamp School. After the 31 days get access to new courses on marketing, website building and productivity plus any future courses. - total vale $200+
  • Lifetime access. - total value priceless

Total value for this course is over $500
but you won’t pay even half that.

You can start your challenge today for the price of…

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Enrollment closes Sunday April 22nd, 2018.

Class starts Tuesday, April 17th, 2018.

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14-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you're not happy with how the course is going in the first 14 days, just send me an email and we'll give you a full refund.

Please note: This is not a 'change your mind' policy. You will need to prove that you have been participating and doing the daily tasks to receive a refund.

If this course isn't for you, I completely understand. However, it's my belief that if you put this stuff into action, it will work for you. You just need to give it a proper go.


  • Tuesday April 17th to Saturday April 21st: Day 1 to Day 5
  • Sunday April 22nd: Final day to enroll
  • Tuesday April 24th to Wednesday May 9th: Day 6 to Day 21
  • Thursday May 10th to Wednesday May 16th: Catch Up Week
  • Thursday May 17th to Saturday May 26th: Day 22 to  Day 31

FAQs & Answers

How much of a time commitment will be needed?

Each day you will receive a new task. Some tasks take 5 minutes, others take closer to an hour.

Some tasks take longer with the idea that you will start them during the challenge and finish them afterwards.

You should put aside 30-60 minutes a day for working on 31DBBB but you also get access to this material forever so you can spread it out in your own time.

How much is it?

It costs just AU$199 to get access. That gives you access to this live round, all the course material and future live rounds.

Why does it cost that much?

If 31 Days to a Better Fitness Business and Bootcamp School gets you just one new client it will pay itself off.

The really good thing is that it's designed to give to 10 or 20 new clients which makes it an awesome investment for your time and money.

Put this course in action to retain more clients and create a steady stream of new clients.

Can I pay with PayPal?

I use Stripe to securely process your transactions via credit card. They do not support Paypal.

Who are you again?

My name is Kyle Wood. I founded and run Bootcamp Ideas, a community for trainers to get awesome fresh workout ideas.

After running that for over 4 years I realised trainers need help with the business side of things too. So I created The Trainers Tribe to share how I and other trainers find success in their group fitness businesses.

I have 8 years of helping trainers improve their group fitness sessions and businesses. It's amazing the patterns you start to seeing after that amount of time. This is what I want to share with you.

When do I have to join by?

Registration closes Sunday, April 15th, 2018 via enrolling or entering your email. This is so we can start Day 1 first thing on Tuesday.

The final day to pay to enroll is Sunday, April 22nd, 2018.

These dates are set. There will be no extended registration period so make sure you don't miss out.

I don't have a 'bootcamp', is this still right for me?

You don't have to be running a 'bootcamp' to follow this course. It's designed for all kinds of group fitness business owners. We've had outdoor and indoor group fitness owners, personal trainers, yoga instructor and pilates instructors do this course. You will be able to apply everything you learn.

More Awesome Trainer Testimonials

Hi Kyle,

I have loved being a part of the 31 Days to a Better Bootcamp course. The number one benefit for me is that you have structured what was already going on in my head. But in my head, it had no structure, so it got put on the back burner. But now it’s been brought to light!

It has been great getting one task at a time. I know that I can make a small improvement each day. I have really liked having the support of the facebook community (on the private page). It is a self-driven course, so there is no accountabiity if a task is not completed (apart from the fact that you are doing yourself a disservice).

Thank you for showing us MailChimp and Squarespace. I honestly thought that having an email service and website was far too out of my reach cost wise, but now I have the confidence to produce this on my own.

Already I am noticing a difference within my groups. My session numbers have actually doubled (as in, the average session now hosts 9-10 members, rather than 5ish members) and I think I can put that down to having my ‘game face’ on and follow up calls for missing members.

Thank you Kyle. I am looking forward to the rest of this session and I am feeling so much more confident and comfortable that everything I do is now so much more structured. Well done on putting together such a user friendly course to help us.

Theresa Prior  //  Theresa Prior Personal Training, Westmeadows, Victoria, Australia

Just passing on a thanks.. I’m following the 31 day challenge, I do most of them already but I tried a new one.. I can’t remember which day it was but I sent each client a personal email about what I appreciate about them, the changes I’ve noticed… And wow what a great response I got from everyone! They felt soooo special and even talked about it at work, their co-workers even said ‘my Bootcamp doesn’t send me emails’ it’s amazing the small things have such powerful impact. And I also noticed I had zero absent the whole week.

Lori Watson  //  Outdoor Fitness Fun, Victoria, BC, Canada

Best part of the testimonials goes here...

I just wanted to say thank you for the 31-day program! I found it really valuable as a boot camp business owner. It motivated me to complete tasks I’ve *known* I needed to do, but haven’t had the courage to – for instance, getting my first ever video testimonial from a client last week – which felt amazing and inspired me to get more. While I didn’t manage to do every task on the list (some of them I already do and some I just didn’t get around to), the challenge definitely opened my eyes to some of the ways I could be making my business better.

I actually have a background in marketing and communications, but when it comes to developing and implementing a strategy for my own business, I seem to struggle to find the time and energy to do it! Being given specific direction has been really helpful. So too is being part of a group, which takes away some of the loneliness of being a fitness business owner. Today I signed up for the Trainers Tribe and am looking forward to the continued motivation and support!

Sarah Salus  //  Salus Fitness, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I am so thankful that you put this group on!! I’m new to the industry and I’m finding this is helping me begin new protocols and starting great habits from the beginning. I love getting feedback from members and it doesn’t seem so scary now to ask, doing things as a group is such an awesome idea- I’m sure it helps build supportive community and helps keep your members loyal. This list is long of what I am getting from this group and I can’t say thank you enough!

Kelly Coles  //  U Got This Bootcamp, Victoria, BC, Canada

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