21 Days of Bootcamp Ideas

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    Three weeks of fresh ideas, tips and training:

    Having great workouts and lots of variety was one of the major reasons that clients kept signing up for my bootcamps. And I know that’s true for your bootcamp too.

    Spending hours building websites, creating social media posts, dropping fliers in letterboxes and running referral programs is a complete waste of time if your actual workouts are no good in the first place.

    That’s why I want to bring you guys something new that will give you access to more fresh workout ideas.

    By doing this I hope you will be able to:

    • spend less time trying to find new workout ideas
    • keep your clients engaged so that they want to keep coming back for more sessions
    • get your sessions talked about by being interesting and fun instead of cookie-cutter routines

    It's completely free, this is my gift to help you make the group fitness sessions that you want to run.

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