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Welcome to Bootcamp Ideas

Bootcamp Ideas is the place to come to when your brain feels like fuzz from designing yet another awesome workout for your clients.

Each week Bootcamp Ideas features a new workout for you to use or dismantle as you please as well as advice on the sometimes tricky business side of things.

Hi, my name is Kyle. I'm the grinning goon on the right. Stay away from stale workouts and running a boring business. To get started on some great ideas, click the button below!

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The Group Fitness Workout Search Engine

Group fitness trainers are always on the lookout for fresh, quality workouts to use at their sessions.

So in addition to the weekly drills, exercises and workouts we share here on Bootcamp Ideas we've put together a growing database of searchable drills and ideas.

No more spending hours, trawling websites and YouTube looking for ideas. Now you can get over 700 ideas at your fingertips. We add new drills each week from a variety of amazing trainers.

We've called it BootCraft.

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